Experience Better Construction Document Management with Newly Enhanced Sets

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Experience Better Construction Document Management with Newly Enhanced Sets

Whether it’s a mechanical plan, structural detail, or a door schedule, we’ve all had that moment where we question what we’re seeing.

“Is this the right page? Is it up to date? Why don’t these measurements make any sense? Am I looking at the current version?”

A single building project can require construction document management for thousands of documents and drawings, not to mention the number of revisions issued throughout the project lifecycle.

Adding to an already complicated task is the fact that document control is usually put into the hands of a document manager or a project engineer who is tasked with the arduous work of compiling, curating, distributing and tracking all project-related documentation.

The document manager is saddled with the responsibility of maintaining a record of every piece of information associated with the project–when it came in, when it changed, who looked at it and so on. Without this complete record, it’s difficult for a contractor to avoid responsibility for a dispute.

Touch Screens and Cloud Storage to the Rescue

Fortunately, the world of digital tools has provided a way to streamline this process. But as we all know, adopting digital tools for document management can pose some risks, including data loss, file incompatibility, miscommunication and the risk of errors and omissions through manual processes.

The myriad of applications contractors can use to help manage this information and stay focused on project completion can be useful, but come with their own challenges.

Are stakeholders and subs using the same software? Are the files compatible? Are all documents being kept up to date with the right version?

You can mitigate risk and avoid costly errors with a single cloud-based construction document management application such as Autodesk’s BIM 360 Docs.

BIM 360 Docs mitigates errors by serving as the central hub for your project, where all data is collected. Project members can publish, view, and manage all documents, drawings, and models — anytime, anywhere.



Project members can publish, view, and manage all documents, drawings, and models — anytime, anywhere. 


“Sets” for Better Construction Document Management

Over the course of the project life cycle, the Document Manager is responsible for organizing multiple documents or files into “Sets” (or packages) that are issued for a specific purpose and named to communicate the scope and intent. A digital document management application with set management capabilities is critical to streamlining this process, and ensuring teams are working off the most current set of documents.

Now, with BIM 360 Docs enhanced document Set Management feature, organizing specific document versions into formal “Sets” (or packages) just got easier.  A Set can include documents, drawings, and models from multiple folders inside BIM 360 Docs. By default, the “Current Set” (the latest version of each document associated with a Set) will display, but it’s easy to navigate to previous Sets.

When viewing a document version from a previous set, it will automatically be displayed with an orange banner to eliminate any confusion. Teams can easily compare documents within the current Set to previous Sets to fully understand what has changed and how it might impact their scope of work, schedule, and costs. These are just a few of the many options available through BIM 360’s Set Management feature.

Why Set Management is Essential to Your Workflows

  • Any change made to the published set of documents is clearly and logically recorded, easily visible and automatically made available to team members who need it.
  • Compare versions of documents between sets, creating an added layer of transparency to be sure all changes are accounted for, ultimately reducing risk.
  • Utilizing sets will help to reduce risk, rework, and lost time by making sure your team is building off of the most current plans.


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